Atto by Moving Life Spare/Replacement Battery

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Atto by Moving Life Spare/Replacment Battery

Even the Battery is slick and compact with Atto. It is under the left foot and has an easy light weight inward handle which is mean to charger compact and portable anywhere you are! So Classy, So Portable, So Easy...that's Atto.


  • US FDA approved: Yes
  • Total Weight: 4.1 Lb
  • Battery Type: 48 Volt lithium-ion battery – 10-mile (16-km) range on a 4- to 5-hour charge








Atto by Moving Life Battery Warranty:

1-Year Limited Warranty Battery.

Note: Reduced battery performance is not covered if due to heavy use or negligence by the user.

Return Policy: Lithium Batteries are non -refundable.


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