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The Luggie Classic is a world class travel folding mobility scooter that is compact, simple to use and the most economical of the Luggie brand. It's Easy Fold, Easy Go smart fold system exclusive to Luggie, makes it the lightest and most compact folding scooter in both Width (only 18") and Length (26 in folded) on the market today! It's portable and lightweight design will provide you with a renewed spontanenity to go where ever you want.  The Luggie Classic is easy to navigate in small spaces for both indoors and outdoors with a great turning radius for effortless maneuverability. Your Luggie Classic is also easy to load and unload out of any vehice and has a 250 lbs capacity. The Luggie Classic is conveniently designed for every day leisure use as well as travel. Feeling Spontaneous....Open your Smart Fold, Easy Go Luggie Classic and Go! 



Check out it out-Watch Luggie in action below!


 FreeRider USA Warranty - Download >


Lets Compare All Luggie Models Below: (excluding Super Heavy Duty) 

Features Classic  Standard Deluxe Elite
Weight Capacity 250 Lbs 250 Lbs 250 Lbs 320 Lbs
Range* 10 Miles 11 Miles 14 Miles 14 Miles
Battery Sealed Lead Acid 8.5 AH Lithium 10.5 AH Lithium 10.5 AH Lithium
Battery Weight 20 Lbs 5 Lbs 5 Lbs 5 Lbs
Battery Charging Time 4-6 Hrs 2 Hrs 2 Hrs 2 Hrs
Seat Width 14.5 inches 14.5 inches 16 inches 16 inches
Max Speed 4 MPH 4 MPH 4 MPH 4 MPH
Battery Indicator Meter Meter Meter LED
Speed Control Dial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extendable Handlebars No No No Yes
Overall Length (unfolded) 39" 39" 39" 39"
Overall Length (folded) 26" 26" 26" 28"
Overall Width 18" 18" 18" 18"
2 Seat Height Options (20"&22") Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turning Radius 35.5" 35.5" 35.5" 35.5"
Ground Clearance 2.5" 2.5" 2.5" 2.5"
Adjustable Steering Heights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Retractable Bumper No No No Yes
Total Weight (without battery) 51.7 Lbs 51.7 Lbs 51.7 Lbs 51.7 Lbs
Aluminum Alloy Frame Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear wheel drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
24 Volt DC magnetic motor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent Braking System Yes Yes Yes Yes
Airline Safe Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $1299 $2199 $2499 $2799
        when the indicator is in the red zone on your battery indicator instead of letting the power run out, for longer life of your battery.






3 Years Structural Frame: Luggie Scooter, Freerider Healthcare warranties the frame of its Mobility Scooters under normal use for a period of 3 Years (36 months).

1 Year Motor, Transaxle, Brake Assembly, Electrical Components: Luggie Scooter, Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties the Motor/Transaxle/Brake and Electronics of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for a period of 1 Year (12 months).

1 Year Lithium Batteries: Luggie Scooter, Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties the lithium batteries of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for the period of 1 Year (12 month).

30 Days Limited Warranty on All Plastic Parts: Luggie Scooter Inc., Freerider Healthcare warranties all plastic parts (Tiller Clamp, Chassis Hooks, Trigger, Tiller Lever, etc., Excluding all electrical parts and the motor ) of the Mobility Scooters, under normal use for a period of 30 days.

Return policy

Freerider USA Restocking Fee is 20% when the return within 14 calendar days after the scooter is delivered and customer is responsible for return shipping in the same box.

Restocking fee is 30% when the return within 30 calendar days after the scooter is delivered.

Repacking fee is $40.00 for Scooter only.

Luggie Classic
Length (Folded)
Weight Capacity
250 lbs
Weight (Scooter)
51.7 lbs
Weight (Scooter + Batteries)
71.4 lbs
2 x 12AH Lead Acid
Battery Charger
2-amp Off-board Charger
Max Speed
4 mph
10 miles
Turning Radius
Ground Clearance
Max Incline
Front: 2" x 6" PU Solid/Rear: 2" x 7" PU solid
Drive System
24-volt DC Motor, Sealed Mini-Transaxle, Rear-Wheel Drive


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