Tzora Spare Lithium Ion Battery for Tzora Easy Travel Folding Scooters

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Tzora lithium Ion battery pack 24v 100wh Info 

Each lithium battery pack comes equipped with 2-batteries produced with deep cycle lithium Ion; allowing it to lasts longer on a single charge than the standard lead acid battery pack. Battery Charging:10 ah output, at higher voltage, full charge within 3-4 hours.

Charging Instructions: When the battery is completely empty it must be charged for 5 hours. When charging a partly charged battery, it must be charged until the charge bulb turns green. Can be used as a backup or replacement for the Tzora travel scooters models: Elite, Lite and Classic.


Note: Only use with Lithium Tzora Charger 

Tzora Spare Lithium Ion Battery for Tzora Lexie Light, Classic and the New 3 Wheel Elite. Only weighs 7 lbs! 75% less weight than the standard that is 19 pounds. 


NOTE: The Tzora Lithium Battery should be charged with the Tzora Lithium Charger only. Using other chargers for Lithium Battery Pack can damage battery. Batteries damaged due to using tzora standard charger and/or any other charger will be non-refundable. 


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